Friday, February 24, 2012

new countertops!

Finally!  It's like Christmas around here - only more stressful.  Our countertops were finally installed!

After the installers left, I tried sliding the stove back into place.  It didn't fit.  I'll admit that I was temporarily panicked at the thought of them needing to remove that piece, re-cut, and make us wait another two weeks. But, luckily, they were able to come back later this afternoon and make a minor tweak that adjusted the chunk of counter between the fridge and the stove - and now everything fits perfectly.  

A friend is helping us finish some plumbing tomorrow and then we'll be able to put the remaining cabinet doors on, install the toe kick, and install the narrow shelving that will go to the right of the sink.

We also hope to get the over-the-stove microwave installed tomorrow if there isn't a major issue with the old vent placement.  Now that our counters are installed, we can proceed with adding the trim around the sink window as well as the backsplash and open shelving.

In the photo below, the icky wall to the left will be counter-to-ceiling tile with open shelving.  We also plan to replace the windows to the right in the spring/summer so we'll have to deal with the dingy wood tone for a few more months.

I can't wait for Joe to get home from work and see the new addition to our kitchen - and for me to yell at him for dropping his keys and lunch remnants on it.


  1. Looks gorgeous Liz! Give those counters a hug for me, cuz I'm super jealous.

  2. Looking good, Lizzy! It's coming together so nicely. :) I'm sure you're so excited to have the kitchen done soon. Hang in there and it will be amazing!!


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