Wednesday, April 6, 2011

a baby's intuition

The dog I had when I was a teenager used to head to the dining room and look out the front window several minutes before someone would arrive home.  It was like he was giving us a warning to get off the couch, start washing dishes, and look busy because Mum was on her way home.  Who am I kidding…I didn’t budge.  Dad has always done the dishes.  Anyways, Casey (our dog) had some sort of rad doggie sense and knew when someone was close – before seeing the car turn down the street, before hearing it pull in the driveway.

I think babies have a similar intuition.  Maybe big people have the same intuition but are just too preoccupied by everyday frivolities to recognize it?  Eh, that’s something to ponder for another day when I don’t have as much celebrity gossip to catch up on.  (get the irony there?)  James doesn’t make his way to the front window when Joe is on his way home from work, but I definitely think he senses there are big changes on the horizon.  We’re set to move in a month.  Sure, we’ve packed up half of our furniture and other belongings but we’ve left James’ room untouched in an attempt to keep his life as stable as possible.  He must be listening in on our new-house-plans and they keep him awake at night just as they do me.  I wonder if he wakes up in the middle of the night with the same anxiety nightmares I’ve been having about an over-scheduled agenda.  That would explain his 2am screaming fits that he developed this week.  It’s ok, bud, you can go back to sleeping through the night now!  He’s also figured out how to take his pants off in the middle of the night - not even six months old and already taking after his Dad.  Maybe he’s just trying to help us pack his clothes?

Beating out finances and time management, taking first place on my list of worries is how we can keep this transition as easy as possible on the little guy.  Thus far, he has been a champ and super accommodating to his on-the-go parents.  I promised him that I'd get his new room in order first and worry about how we are going to pay for a new roof second.  I hope that satisfies him and he doesn’t start begging us for a dog.

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