Wednesday, July 13, 2011

mantle makeover.

Ever since we painted the walls and trim in the main living area, the mantle has stuck out like a sore thumb - at least it did to me.  The orangey wood tone bugged me way more than it should have...

We stopped by the hardware store and grabbed two pieces of wood to spruce up the mantle and here's how it looks now...

Minor improvement.  Major relief.

We bought one piece of 1x8x8 and one piece of 1x6x8 (I think...this was 3 whole days ago and my memory is totally useless since becoming a Mum.)  The mantle is only about 6 1/2 feet long so Joe cut those two boards to the correct length.  (The *ahem* not-so-perfectly-square trimmed pieces would later be used as the end caps.)

We used liquid nails along with our trim nailer to secure the two long boards - basically forming an L shape.  I didn't take a picture but here's a ridiculously awesome drawing of this step:

Next, we attached the two end pieces using the same method.  I know, it's like rocket science...

After we confirmed our box fit snugly over the mantle and the liquid nails had time to dry, I gave the piece a quick sanding and then stained with what was leftover from the TV stand project.

Two pieces of wood:  about $20
Stain (we already had some):  free
Total cost of new mantle:  about $20

Feel free to break out your calculators and check my math.

Aside from more yard clean up, our next project(s) will be to fix up the mudroom and laundry room - both are slated to be done on the cheap as well.  Stay tuned.

Oh...and if anyone has any large, granite stones/blocks they want to get rid of, let us know!

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