Wednesday, November 16, 2011

something new...

As mentioned in my last post, I took a pair of scissors to my Mum's "going away dress" that she wore after her wedding in 1969.  Because I wanted a piece of my parents' history to be a part of my wedding, I chose to repurpose pieces of that dress into a headband as well as a "bouquet" for myself.

Both were easy peasy to make - the hardest part was making that first cut into such an old, beautiful dress.

First, the headband.  I just used a basic black headband that I already owned, a piece of the silver trim from the jacket, and a $5 flower clip.

Since the silver beaded strip from the jacket had a silk lining, I decided to cut a small slit in one end to slip the headband through - as opposed to affixing the strip on top of the headband...

There were a few spots where the lining was frayed but I later cleaned that up and used a few dabs of hot glue to keep everything firmly in place.  Because the flower had an alligator clip, I just attached that onto the headband once I had it in my hair - that way it actually held some of my hair in place as well.

I think my Mum was disappointed that I wouldn't let her order me flowers to carry into our informal ceremony.  Not only are flowers expensive, I haven't found any whose smell doesn't remind me of a funeral home.  So, because I would probably just fiddle with my hair or bite my nails, I needed something to occupy my hands and take the place of a flower bouquet.  The historic home/garden where we had our ceremony did not allow open flame so candles were out of the question.  Anything else that I  thought of was too quirky until I decided to use some more of my Mum's going-away-dress.

I was playing with James while I made my "bouquet" so I didn't get a chance to take pics of the first part.  I had a styrofoam ball from Michaels and secured another piece of the silver beaded fabric around the ball, leaving a long piece dangling as a handle.
I cut the ivory dress fabric into squares.  I didn't measure anything but they were roughly 4"x4".  I folded each square into a triangle and then folded the other two corners down so all corners were together and I had myself a little poof!
I just used straight pins and attached to the styrofoam ball...
As you can see, the edges of this fabric are a bit frayed.  Most of that was hidden once the entire ball was filled with "poofs" and then I just trimmed any visible stragglers.  There were also a few spots, mostly around the beading, where the pins didn't want to stay put so I just used a few dabs of hot glue.  Also, one side of the fabric had more of a matte look while the other side has some shine to it.  I alternated the way I folded each square so that my final bouquet had some variation.  Voila!

(For those budget-conscious folks like myself, my wedding headband and bouquet cost me less than $6.)

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  1. Love your creativity Liz! I absolutely love how your transformed your mom's going away dress! Beautiful outfit! ( I too was frugal and sewed my going away dress!) You'll cherish these memories forever!!!

    The home where you were married, I believe is owned by the Colonial Dames, more properly, The National Society of The Colonial Dames of America. They are getting ready to celebrate the house next year and we've been invited to attend some of the festivities there!


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