Wednesday, January 18, 2012

demo begins!

Last night we put James to bed and started chipping away at the kitchen.  Our cabinets were emptied with the exception of a few essentials that we need to have on hand for a picky toddler.  We then tore down one corner of cabinets as well as the laminate (?) backsplash.  It instantly made the room feel twice as large and twice as bright.  I'm now even more happy with our decision to put open shelves on this wall!  As I hinted at in a previous post, we will also be adding storage to the opposite wall that you see below.  Floor-to-ceiling narrow cabinets will go along the wall to the right where that plant stand/James' bag and jacket stand currently sits:

Here is one of the cabinets that we ripped down.  These suckers are even heavier than I predicted them to be!  Here you might be able to get a better idea of how annoying it would be to store and access any items in this cabinet.  Behind those braces, its just one big open space but we would have to snake around those braces everytime we needed to pull something out.
Our goal is to have the rest of the cabinets out by this weekend and start on re-painting our ceiling and prepping the walls.  Woo!  These baby steps are so gratifying yet make us so anxious to get more done!

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