Sunday, April 1, 2012

DONE! (For now.)

Yep.  Finally.  Our kitchen is done.  (OK, so we have a few other things to do in this room like replace the three front windows and build a window seat but those will be ongoing projects.)

We finished painting and hanging our shelves...

I also tweaked the small cubbies to the right of the sink.  Instead of 5, there are now 4 cubbies that fit small baskets for storage...

We finished installing and painting the crown moulding...

One project off the to-do list, 37 (and counting) to go!


  1. Love, love, love this kitchen!! Quick question: do you have the Ikea 15" pull-out pantry or the pantry with shelves and the 153 degree doors? Also, how much space do you have between wall and the first of the two pantry cabinets?

  2. Thanks so much! The pantry cabinets are our faves - we use them all the time and, to be honest, we don't really store any food in our other cabinets with the exception of some canned good. The two tall pantry cabinets are the narrow ones - they are only about a foot deep. We didn't bother getting the pull-out drawers because it's easy enough to get items even placed on the back of the shelves. (The pull-out drawers seem to make more sense for the deeper pantry cabinets!)
    If you are looking at the cabinets straight on, there is about a 2 inch gap between the wall and the left side of the cabinets. We spaced it out from the wall a bit so that the doors open wide enough to get stuff in/out. There is a thin filler piece that we cut and secured between the wall and that first cabinet - and then the two cabinets are secured to each other to make it look like one solid piece. In reality, the cabinet on the left is the 15" and the one on the right is the 24" - but both are 12" deep.
    Let me know if that makes sense or if I've confused you even more! :)


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