Tuesday, May 3, 2011

home sweet home

We have our house!  Because our renters aren't moving into my condo until June, we have a few more weeks before we need to move ALL of our belongings.  Now that we officially own the house, it’s painful to go back to the condo.  We are in love with our house and are sad when we have to leave it.  We’ve already made several trips over and fall more in love with it each time we pull in the driveway.  There's some painting going on this week so the plan is to move the rest of our belongings once that job is done.  If it wasn’t for our attempt to keep our son from huffing paint fumes, we’d have moved in immediately after signing the papers and getting a hold of our keys. We hope to be all moved in by next weekend – or at least have enough in the house to allow us to sleep, shower, eat, and clothe ourselves without too much difficulty.

After moving everything we had stored at my parents’ house, we spent most of the weekend tending to the pool.  As I’ve mentioned before, the house came equipped with a lovely (read: unwanted) above-ground pool in the back yard.  Within minutes of sending out a mass message looking for takers, it was claimed.  The weather was beautiful this past weekend so it was a pleasure to be outside - but uncovering and attempting to drain a pool is the last way I would have chosen to spend the days.  OK, so my Dad and Joe did most of the dirty work but I made sure to stay close by so I could bark alternative ways to do whatever the hell it was that they were doing.  In less than two days, the pool was completely drained.  It’s amazing what two garden hoses and some sucking can do.  I can’t wait to wave goodbye to “our” pool – but I must admit that I’m petrified to see what the back yard is going to look like once it’s gone.  I’ll just cross my fingers for more sunny days that can be enjoyed outside, shoveling rocks and sand, and filling in a potential ditch left by the pool.

I didn’t get a chance to take any pics once the cover was off and the water was almost completely drained but here are two from the beginning of the shitty draining process:

Other than filling our garage with miscellaneous boxes and prepping the pool for removal, Joe and Steve fixed the automatic garage door opener thingy, we installed our new washer and dryer in the laundry room, and I raked up a couple bags of leaves/vines/brush.  Yes, I raked up a few bags…Joe just grabbed the rake when he saw that the camera was out.  Scandalous.

I hope to share a few before/after pics of the inside of the house once the painting is completed later this week.  In the meantime, here’s one of James’ checking out his new room.  He likes it...but already told me to get a move on burning the lace curtains.

…and the token family shot…

Oh...Johnny and Christian stopped by to check out our new digs too.  Pretty standard weekend.  They’re amazing friends.

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