Saturday, September 3, 2011

laundry room update and cows.

Yep, that pretty much sums up our Saturday.  Since the last update, I finished painting the laundry room.  We stacked the washer/dryer and put a few shelving/drawer units in the room.  There's still a bunch of little things to get done in there but, for now, the major updates are done.  The taller drawers are great for us tall-folk and are the perfect height for folding clothes, ironing, etc.  I'm not too cool with them partially covering the window but I hope to mask that a bit with some curtains.
We still have to build a table-top to go on top of these...
I grabbed this fabric this morning for super cheap.  (Joann's fabric was having a 50% off sale if anyone needs that sort of stuff.)  I plan on making some curtains as well as a skirt to go around the table on the long wall of the laundry room - to cover those three wire drawers in the pic above.  Joe put on his best "I love it!" face when I showed him the fabric I chose.  He's a horrible liar.  I still don't know what he was hoping for...probably something with the Reds or Aston Martin logo plastered all over it.
We also started to get the board and batten up in the mudroom.  We're about halfway done with that project so I'll post some more pics when it's done.  For now, here's the last pic I took before the sun started to set...
Joe promised me that, if I behaved myself, we could go to Peaceful Meadows for dinner.  They have the most delicious ice cream around - and they are right down the street from us.  (I swear, that only played a minor role in our decision to buy this house.)  James has gotten pretty good at his cow sounds so I figured he'd like to see the real thing.

There was only this calf and one other cow in the barn when we were there.  The others were still out galavanting.  James was pretty psyched.  These cows weren't mooing and they weren't spotted like all the ones in his books so I'm not even sure he knew they were cows.  He might have just assumed they were really big, smelly dogs.  Regardless, he just wanted at 'em!
I'm pretty sure this isn't allowed but it's always been one of James' life long dreams to ride a cow...
The other cow wasn't as friendly as the calf.  She came over to get some hay and then went back to her lonely corner.  I guess I'd be pretty bummed if there were no bulls around on my Saturday night either.  (Not to mention a Saturday night of a holiday weekend.)
After we got a nice coating of cow slobber on our hands, we went to grab some ice cream.  Joe didn't share but I let James have some of mine.  Patiently waiting for another bite...
Oh's coming!
So good...
After the little monster falls asleep, we'll try to get everything assembled in the mudroom - so we'll just have painting left to do.

Oh, and I should also mention that Joe spent a few hours this morning cleaning up the yard.  It was a mess from the storm that blew through here last weekend but luckily there was no real damage.  We still have a lot of branches/trees that need to be chopped down before the next storm rolls through and one of them decides to fall on the house - so if anyone is insured, bored, and loves cutting down trees, come on by!

Well, that's all for now!  TTFN!

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  1. Great job Liz!!
    One easy project for any laundry room. Buy some chain and a pole. Hang two sets of chain and attach the pole. Voila..a place to put hangared clothes ...I can send a photo. I have used this idea several times. Can send along a photo for you to see.


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