Thursday, September 8, 2011

prime time.

I wanted to throw together a quick post to show stage 2 of our mudroom-board-and-batten extravaganza - if only to limit the number of pics I would post to show the finished project (whenever that may be!).

We got all of the pieces of our board and batten up on the walls.  It was a fairly easy project.  You can find a zillion sites with step-by-step instructions all over the interweb so I won't attempt to share our own version.  We kind of just winged it!  The only issue we had was due to the fact that one wall of our mudroom is textured - like, majorly textured.  Instead of tearing down the wallboard or attempting to sand it flat, we opted to cover the lower portion of the wall with white wall board.  (It's basically the same thing that they use to make dry erase boards.)  We then used 1x4's for the top and base and 1x2's for the vertical pieces.  (Note: we used primed MDF board from Lowes for these pieces so those are rough measurements.)
Everything is primed (hence the spotty "paint" job) and ready to be painted with the real stuff - hopefully this weekend.

Ladies and gentleman, Liz and Joe's board and batten...

Oooh, wait, first a "before" pic...

...and how it looks today....

Remember, so far it has only been primed so everything will be clean, solid white once we are finished.  Everything that is above the top board will be painted - our tentative plan is to go with a chocolate brown but that could change.

For anyone wanting to do this on your own, it really shouldn't take you 2 weeks like it has us.  We've only had a few spare hours here and there to work on this but I would definitely call this a weekend project - that is, if you don't have a rambunctious little man demanding all of your attention!

Oh, and if you want more examples of board and batten treatments, visit  Amanda and her hubby have done a similar (yet more intricate) treatment on several rooms in their home and it looks ridiculously awesome - plus they have more detailed instructions - and double plus, she is super sweet and has tons of other fun DIY ideas!

Well, my computer is at 5% and I don't want to go searching for it's power cord so, g'night!

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  1. Ooohh! I love your board and batten. It is going to look so great when it's done. Isn't it crazy how much of a difference a wall treatment can make?!


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