Sunday, February 12, 2012

lighten up.

After looking at the shadows across the room, you should conclude that we spent all afternoon painting and fixing up the trim...

There are still some touch-ups to finish but I don't want to look at a paintbrush for at least a few more weeks.  We didn't even touch the three windows that face the front yard since we plan to replace them all in the spring.

We also "forgot" to paint the windows over the sink.  We'll install trim around that window after the counters are in but we also need to paint the frames.  To be honest, it just looked like a pain in the butt to remove the hardware and also paint the outside portion so we're saving that for a day when we aren't quite so exhausted (and hopefully a day when James actually takes a nap).

We also finished the trim around the doorway shown below.  We re-framed this opening so it was about 3inches narrower to accommodate the set of drawers just to it's left...

The tall pantry cabinet to the right of the picture above isn't fully installed yet. Once it is, it will be raised off the ground a few inches and will also have moulding to "connect" it to the ceiling.

Ooooh, I should also add that we turned on our heated floors for the first time today.  The instructions said not to turn it on for a week after installation to allow everything to set properly.  Basically, I'm SO glad we decided on the heated floors.  It's heavenly - and despite it being a very cold day, we had to turn it off after an hour because it was getting a little too toasty for us to work in there!

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  1. It's coming together! Wahoo! I'm sure you're so excited!!! Can't wait to see more progress. :)


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