Saturday, February 11, 2012

no more heavy lifting!

We have several tasks left to complete but most of the major steps are behind us. Well, the counters still need to be installed but that is being left to the professionals so we're finally breathing easy! With the exception of two uppers, we finished installing all cabinets this weekend. They are all level and completely secure in their final resting place. We exchanged the 24" base cabinet that we originally bought to go to the right of the stove for one that was only 21" wide. The larger cabinet fit but left zero wiggle room on either side of the stove and dishwasher - and we concluded that might cause issues down the line. We now have plenty of room to slide these appliances out if we should ever need to - and can hide the small gaps with filler pieces if we think they are too obvious. So, we're beyond grateful that we've made it this far without any major hiccups! Our counters are being templated Monday morning and then we can expect them to be installed in another week or two. While anxiously waiting, we will work several other finishing touches including those shown in the pics below. (I'll try to get some better pictures with my camera tomorrow!)

As mentioned before, we needed to make the opening to our living/dining room a few inches narrower in order to fit the other set of base drawers.  We re-framed that side of the doorway this morning and then patched the walls.  We will put the moulding back in place once we get a chance to sand and fill a few other little spots and you'd never know we tweaked the opening.  We will add a backsplash between all cabinets as well as the entire wall where the open shelves will be - but that has to wait until after the counters are in. We also finished building the tall, narrow pantry cabinets that will go on the opposite side of the kitchen. (You can see the side of them in the right side of the picture below.)

Despite the nasty walls and the other un-finished touches, we are loving it so far!  I expect to love it even more once we can stop washing dishes in our bathtub.

G'night. xo


  1. are you sure you want to put crown molding above the cabinets? That space might be good for packs of oreos, DVDs that you don't use too often or small strobe lights

  2. Good idea but I already have a special spot for all those things under my bed.


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