Friday, February 3, 2012

out with the old...

...ugly, dingy, drab floor.  Our new floor tile is going down this weekend but, first, we had to tear up a few layers of old flooring.  It was a surprisingly easy task but unveiled an even uglier, faux brick laminate.  Hello, 1962.  The subfloor is super strong so we were able to lay cement board right on top of that.

Here are a few progress shots of our original floors, the even more original faux brick floors, and then the cement board...

And the view from the opposite side of the room....

The under-floor heating mat will go down today and tomorrow will bring some tile fun!

I should point out that the nasty brown stuff on the walls is just the leftover epoxy from the laminate backsplash.  We used a razor scraper to get most of it off to make the walls smooth enough to hold our new backsplash but there is some hideous discoloration left behind - that will all be covered up SOON!

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  1. Great Job! Heated floors are the best.


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