Saturday, February 18, 2012

We painted.

We went to Lowes to grab a new blade for our table saw and ended up with a test pot of paint.  The test pot led to another trip to Lowes a few hours later to get a larger can of paint.  Then, we painted.

I took these photos before the paint was completely dry so it's a looking a little brown-ish.  Once it dries, it will lean more towards gray.

We also got around to moving the outlet over the stove and then hung the final two wall cabinets.  The outlet was moved into the cabinet so that our yet-to-be installed microwave can plug into that.  We're holding off on installing the microwave because the pre-existing vent in the wall doesn't line up with the vent in the microwave.  We want to see if we can work with what we have before making any new holes in our walls and the side of our house.  We'd prefer it to vent outside but, if push comes to shove, the microwave also has a recirculating feature so we nix the outdoor vent if necessary.

The un-painted portion of the wall will be covered in white tile.  I want everything to look as bright and clean as possible so I figure that counter-to-ceiling tile will add some shine and bounce light around the room.  I opted for a darker paint to keep the room from feeling too cold - and since the painted wall has three full windows, I wasn't worried about it being too dark.

We will be adding filler on top of the tall pantry cabinet below so I didn't bother painting above it and risk dripping on my favorite cabinet!

There isn't too much else we can do until the countertops are installed so this next week might be spent filling our cabinets and starting to restore some sort of order around this house!


  1. Your kitchen renovations are looking great! Love the size and depth of the pantry,I need one of those.

  2. Your kitchen is looking amazing! I love the paint color you chose. It's going to be beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing it with me.

  3. Gorgeous and impressive
    White Glass tile?

    what kind of counters?
    did you tell me before? forgive my forgetfulness! xoxo

  4. I think we are just going with white subway tile - keep it from looking too busy and I figured I won't get sick of it! (Oh, and it's cheap!)
    Our counters are being installed today - white corian. Can't wait to have a functioning sink again!


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